Gillian sketching on Mount Maxwell

On My Art and Process

I’m inspired by nature’s timeless and ever-changing beauty. Observing natural rhythms and harmony in our world provide an endless source of wonder for me. I seek experiences of connectedness. With the deepening of my appreciation, I strive to share the beauty I see and feel.

I paint for those magic moments, when thoughts cease, and I’m absorbed in the act of creating.

Whimsical compositions, with a unique style of visual representation, develop in my home-studio as I explore memories and photographs. The process is intuitive and imaginative. What begins as observing and sketching evolves into rhythmic layering of colored, acrylic paints. The images grow, as brushes follow the flow of forms and explore the repetition of patterns.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about art. I’ve always loved creating, expressing and experiencing through it. Art is my voice, with it I celebrate the beauty that surrounds us.

Dry Twig – An Artist Statement

The twig is a metaphor for all the things in life we hold dear; all of the things that support us. In attempt to appreciate each moment it’s important for me to remember that, like the dry twig, all things are impermanent and in time will be lost. Also, like the bird ready to fly, there is something more vast and pervading to embrace. My inspiration to paint comes from seeking glimpses of permanence, the great mystery that supports life itself. Glimpsing that mystery dwarfs my self-importance. Observing nature’s timeless and ever-changing beauty and trying to communicate it through painting is a constant reminder for me of that great mystery – the source of creation and love.

Be like a bird sitting on a dry twig. The bird knows at any moment the twig will break. Therefore, it will be ready to take off at any time. - Mata