On Process: “Song on the Wind”


What is it that makes an experience stand out as beautiful and memorable?
Why do some places leave such deep impressions?

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February: at work in the Studio


On Process: “Weavers of Light”


I’m putting the finishing touches on this cedar inspired painting. I find forest scenes are such a detailed and complex subject. The challenge for me is how to simplify the complex patterns into composition and atmosphere.

This painting began as a vague vision for a cedar tree painting.
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August 2015 Studio

The sun is shining. Thought I’d snap a few photos of my Studio/Gallery to share with those of you who aren’t able to come visit my Saltspring studio this summer.


My painting room, a revolving world of canvases.

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On Process: “Afterglow”


Inspired by an afternoon of sketching driftwood at the beach as well as kayaking at sunset. I love how the process of painting allows for a mixture of memories and related feelings to be combined into one image.

Reflecting on Process


Sometimes, when I’m out in nature there will be a moment when something within me stills, it engages me and I know there is a painting there. This painting was inspired in one of those moments.

We walk the Path

We made the pilgrimage to the Carmanah Rainforest in September.
The beauty of that ancient place was awe inspiring to say the least.


Our friend, Matthew Coleman, who accompanied us, wrote these poems.
An eloquent expression of our shared experience:

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Light penetrating
into the ancient darkness,
we walk the path.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Tour of the Studio

I thought I’d share some photos to give you a look around the studio.

Gillian Gandossi Fine Art Pinting Studio on Salt Sprint Island

We built a road sign to invite visitors. It’s fun when people I’ve never met walk in. Many people who meet me at the Saturday market also come by to experience the paintings in person and see what’s happening on the easel. Continue Reading

Animal Friends


My new studio is situated on a hobby farm. Goats and sheep live here. They are not kept for their milk, meat or fur, but as pets, simply for their beauty and for the enjoyment of them. They are a misfit bunch, all coming as adults from elsewhere. The farm in a refuge for them. I’m having fun getting to know them while I’m out working around the beginnings of a garden.

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Intentions for revisiting “Forest Path”


The mystery and connectivity of the ancient Forests continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

Usually I start with a fresh idea, something new. This time, I’m going back to explore an image I’ve already painted. This is the first time I’ve begun a painting in this way. I feel I’ve learned a lot about how to express with paint since I made the first piece “Forest Path”, and that there is room for further exploration.

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