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Tour of the Studio

I thought I’d share some photos to give you a look around the studio.

Gillian Gandossi Fine Art Pinting Studio on Salt Sprint Island

We built a road sign to invite visitors. It’s fun when people I’ve never met walk in. Many people who meet me at the Saturday market also come by to experience the paintings in person and see what’s happening on the easel. Continue Reading

Animal Friends


My new studio is situated on a hobby farm. Goats and sheep live here. They are not kept for their milk, meat or fur, but as pets, simply for their beauty and for the enjoyment of them. They are a misfit bunch, all coming as adults from elsewhere. The farm in a refuge for them. I’m having fun getting to know them while I’m out working around the beginnings of a garden.

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Our First Video

A short and sweet look into some of the inspirations and feelings behind my paintings. We went for a nice hike up to one of my favorite places on Mount Maxwell. The footage and my voice was captured up there by Dayal on our beat-up, little camera. It was fun to see him getting inspired by our surroundings, using the camera as a tool for observation. I was a little nervous when he told me I was going to be interviewed. What he edited together taps into and expresses something behind my work that I don’t have words for.

Behind the Center

Salmon berry flower in the forest behind the Saltspring center of yoga.

There is a forest with a creek behind the Saltspring Center of Yoga.  I went walking in there after satsang this evening. It felt so alive, with the birds and bugs chirping and buzzing, the creek bubbling and all the new green growth coming up. I started taking pictures. As my walk went on,  I started to see compositions everywhere, the sun moved closer to the horizon and everything seemed more and more beautiful.  I’d like to pack up a paint kit and do a plein air session, and just be in there for a while again soon. Good luck finding a dry spot to sit!

Below are few of my favorites images from today:

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Small Studio – Small Gallery

Gillian building market walls on the deck

We’re back in the swing of things at our little DryTwig Studio and we have a whole lot going on. Our big thing this year is that we’ve gone out on a limb and bought an really nice professional printer.  Between that and Dayal’s computer skills we can now print quality, archival gilcee’s of my paintings up to 13″ x 19″, pretty cool. Continue Reading

Art Inspiration: Carol Evans

Carol Evans Watercolor painting "Oak Grove"

“When the sun highlights a scene, often a fairly ordinary one, it catches my attention. A common sight, even a relatively mundane setting will become illumined and bright. It practically sings with radiance and everything becomes extraordinarily beautiful. I always find it an uplifting moment when that happens and it is one of my favorite subjects for painting – not just the scene itself, but how the sunlight plays in the scene.” – Carol Evans

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A Fresh Start


This weekend I went up to KDOL, the Buddhist retreat center high up on Salt Spring’s Mt. Tuam. We’ve been up there a few times now, and I always love going. It has a very peaceful feeling, with a slightly Tibetan flavor. To get there you have to climb a bumpy, pot-holed, gravel road through dense forest. It has that unique quality that comes to a place where meditators have done a lot of serious practice and nature is allowed to be wild. Continue Reading

FCA WorkShop: Day Four

Steve Quiller painting on Salt Spring

Steve Quiller gave us a talk on color and then did a demonstration, narrating his process while painting. He politely asked that we hold questions until after because they disrupt the flow. So, the group watched quietly. As he shifted his weight back and forth, throwing down wet complimentary colors with a big brush he uttered phrases like:  Continue Reading

FCA Workshop: Day Three

Ruckle Farm Cow

This guy makes me happy.

I went over and leant on the split-rail fence to take in the pastoral scene and get a closer look at the cows. They came over to take a closer look at me, which seemed unusual, since they are usually pretty indifferent to strangers.  Continue Reading

FCA Workshop: Day Two



This is a happy painting place under the apple trees in the shade of my rigged up rainbow umbrella.